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Get through life’s challenges and experience healing and happiness with our compassionate adult counseling services.

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We’re All In This Together

At Cove Mountain, we often say that half of Blount County comes here – or has. And we are honored by that. We’ve had teachers run into students, pastors run into congregants, and neighbors meet neighbors, all in our waiting rooms.

And from where we stand, that’s a GOOD thing.

Because we are all in this together, this thing called “life.” We ALL have issues no matter who you are, how well educated you are, how you were raised, how strong your faith, or how healthy your relationships.

Life is hard for all of us at one time or another. And sometimes, that struggle can turn into serious illness such as major depression, debilitating anxiety, or addiction.

We don’t judge that. We understand it because we’re human too. We can help.

Ready to Improve Your Quality of Life?

The journey as an adult can be bumpy. You may experience feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, or stuck in a rut. And that is okay.

These feelings are often compounded when dealing with daily stressors in your career, relationships, and more, leaving you with little time to focus on yourself. The persistent and untreated stressors can lead to the development of different mental health issues. If you are finding it difficult to manage these issues, feel free to get support from Cove Mountain Counseling.

With our adult counseling in Maryville, TN and across the state of TN, we can help you overcome your mental health problems and facilitate positive growth. Our dedicated counselors will try to understand your state and work to ensure you heal both physically and mentally.

We Can Help You Manage


Anxiety can hinder your quality of life. We can help you cope with your anxiety and regain control of your life. Our anxiety counseling will help you understand your emotions so you can convert negative thoughts into positive emotions.


We provide you with a comfortable and private space to examine the causes for your depression and to find healing.

Anger and Stress Management

We can help you learn how to manage your emotions in healthier ways without jeopardizing your relationships or health.


Counseling can help you find your path to recovery.

Relationship Problems

We can help you resolve conflict, strengthen bonds, and nurture your relationships.

Grief or Loss

Grief counseling can help you through feelings of loss and grief as you moved forward.


Traumatic events can leave you shocked, confused, and distressed. With our PTSD and EMDR therapy, we can help you work through trauma and rebuild your life.

Experience the Amazing Benefits of Adult Counseling and Therapy


Improve Communication

Learn communication strategies to effectively convey your thoughts, needs, and goals.

More Self-Confidence

Your therapist will help you set goals beneficial for your growth in everyday life. As you set and achieve these goals, your self-acceptance and self-esteem will increase.

Change Self-Defeating Habits

Get rid of bad habits and learn how to come up with constructive alternatives. By purging these habits, you’re on the road to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Manage Stress Well

Stress is a part of everyday life. Counseling can help you find better ways of managing it so you aren’t depleted and can enjoy life more.

Feel Supported

You are so busy supporting those around you. Let yourself find support with life’s daily challenges so you can feel better.

We Are Here for You

At Cove Mountain Counseling, we offer premier adult counseling and therapy with uncompromised integrity and confidentiality. Since 1993, we’ve been helping our clients build resilience and boost their mental health and well-being. Our professional team of therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors has high-level expertise to provide quality counseling and care when you need it most. We also provide personalized treatment plans that meet your specific needs and goals.

As a reputable counseling facility, we offer you extra support and guidance when you’re facing the hardest life challenges.

Getting started with adult counseling in Maryville Tennessee, and across the state of TN, is easy:

  1. Learn about our therapists.
  2. Contact the therapist of your choice directly. (Or, if you’d like assistance choosing a therapist, please contact us.)
  3. Stop struggling and start living.

As a Maryville TN counseling practice, our therapists offer child therapy, teen counseling, adult therapy, couples counseling, and senior counseling. We also offer mental health tips on our blog. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Maryville therapist at Cove Mountain Counseling.

Get the support you need.