Our Story


It all began in 1993 when Wendy Reeves opened her private practice.  She always said that she ended up opening her own practice because she had a little baby at home, but loved her work, and didn’t want to give that up.

That decision changed her life, my life, and the lives of many other people in this community.

As her own practice grew, an idea began to form about creating a place where folks could get help with all kinds of problems, whether or not she could provide that help herself.  She had an idea to create a community of providers she could recommend without reservation, and also maybe help other healers to learn to run a business and build a life at the same time.

Within two years, Wendy had three other outstanding clinicians and Cove Mountain Counseling was born.

Over the years, Cove Mountain grew to a full house of outstanding healers who run their own businesses, set their policies, serve their own people, and shine their own light.

Just as Wendy imagined they do a lot of different things, helping in a lot of different ways.

Just as Wendy imagined, they are all really, really good at what they do.

In 2021, Catherine Robbins and Ron Shumann managed Cove Mountain Counseling before handing the reins over to Alison Mistak, Emma Poole, and Meghan O’Nyon in 2023 to allow Wendy’s vision to live on.

Today, Cove Mountain is an association of independent practitioners who support each other even as they are growing themselves. We strive to nurture both the healer and our larger community.

Cove Mountain is a place of service, where we do our best to meet the needs of our community. And if we can’t, we try really hard to help them find what they need somewhere else.

We’ve always said that don’t care where you get help, just as long as you get what you need.

Perhaps now that you know our story, you’ll understand why we don’t do things quite like other practices.

We don’t have a “front desk” or a central scheduling staff, and that might get a little confusing sometimes.

We do have a houseful of heart-centered, highly professional, very well trained, totally committed unique individuals, who are thrilled to be here.