Therapy for Seniors

Cove Mountain Counseling offers therapy for seniors in Maryville, Tennessee and across the state of TN.


Enjoy your golden years.

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You Are Not Alone.

As many have said, getting old is not for the faint of heart! And when that time comes, there are a number of complicated issues that families and their elder loved ones have to sort out. We have specialists on hand who have a true passion for helping you navigate those years – whether you are a senior who’s struggling to adapt to change, a family member, or a caregiver.

Senior Therapy Sessions

Cove Mountain Counseling provides seniors with compassionate care tailored to each individual’s needs. Your senior counseling sessions may include addressing and resolving issues. By encouraging a more optimistic mindset, seniors find sources of meaning and purpose. We can help with transitions, creating goals for the future, and establishing more effective communication.

Who Should Consider Senior Therapy?

Counseling for seniors is ideal for older adults who feel isolated, find it difficult to discover new sources of enjoyment, are struggling with depression or anxiety, or need more support with lifestyle transitions or medical issues.

Physical and mental changes happen to everyone at this stage, and you are not alone. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of hopelessness, irritability, loneliness, or social withdrawal, we can help.

We also provide support to family members who are coping with aging parents to prevent caregiver burnout.

We Provide Compassionate Counseling Services for Seniors

Cove Mountain Counseling is here to help remove the barriers standing in your way of living a happy, fulfilling life.

Getting started with senior counseling in Maryville Tennessee and across the state of TN is easy:

  1. Learn about our therapists.
  2. Contact the therapist of your choice directly. (Or, if you’d like assistance choosing a therapist, please contact us.)
  3. Start enjoying life again.

As a Maryville TN counseling practice, our therapists offer child therapy, teen counseling, adult therapy, couples counseling, and senior counseling. We also offer mental health tips on our blog. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a Maryville therapist at Cove Mountain Counseling.

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