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Feeling lost, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious in your day-to-day life can mean that you are on the cusp of a life transition – what a great opportunity! I help clients work through the areas where they struggle, whether they involve personal, school, relational, or career challenges. I believe that once you identify what you want and know what stands in your way and how to overcome it, you are more motivated to work towards your goals.

I can help you or your teen confront difficulties related to depression, anxiety, drug use, trauma, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and more. Through my parent coaching offering, I support parents as they manage complex issues that can arise in an adolescent’s life and they grow and mature. 

I take a holistic approach and treat you as a whole person, looking at all areas of your life as we work toward your goals. You are more than your diagnosis and I do not treat symptoms in isolation. My office is a space where you are heard, validated, challenged, and encouraged. 

The most important piece of my method is relationship development. I focus on building a trusting environment so that you want to share, explore, and grow with my support. In traditional therapy, there is a hierarchy in the relationship. The counselor is the expert, and the client has a problem that needs to be “fixed.” In sessions, I draw from my flaws and life experiences to relate and offer guidance. 

I have worked with hundreds of people through my time in wilderness therapy, post-wilderness therapist transition and in school, day treatment, and group home settings as well as in my private practice. It would be by honor to support you on your journey.


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M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida

Wilderness First Responder Certification (WFR)



My rate is $150.00 per session.

I am not in network with any insurance providers at this time. If you have a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan or other flexible health care benefits, you may be able to process your appointments as an out-of-network claim and receive some kind of reimbursement. We will provide a CMS 1500 or Superbill which is a very detailed receipt which you can forward to your insurance company for processing.

Every insurance plan is different. We highly recommend verifying your coverage for out-of-network behavioral health benefits with your insurance company before scheduling your 30-minute free consultation. If you need help or guidance, call our office at (865) 281-1830. Please note, parent coaching is not eligible for insurance reimbursement. I accept payment via Health Savings Accounts (HSA), debit/credit cards, or checks.





Shawn Helvey, LPC-MHSP

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